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Latvian burger recipe

Cheeseburger with Sauerkraut, Bacon and Grey Pea Spread As the weather begins to turn colder here in New England, it’s the perfect time for a hearty meaty burger, so let’s move on to Latvia for a dish that will stick … Continue reading

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German burger recipe

Frikadelle Burger with Sauerkraut and Bratwurst Our next stop on the culinary adventure is Germany.  Germany is one of those countries that I think most of you are familiar with, so I’ll keep the upfront pretty brief here.  It’s located … Continue reading

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Czech Republic burger recipe

Mustard infused burgers with Fried Cheese and Drunken Sauerkraut on Potato Pancake Finally, the last of the Cs!  We have arrived at the Czech Republic.  Located in Central Europe and surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Poland.  When I was … Continue reading

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Belarusian burger recipe

Mushroom and Sauerkraut smothered burger on Draniki (potato pancake) It’s probably my juvenile sense of humor and it definitely dates me, but I can’t hear the word Belarus without thinking of Bela Lugosi and in particular his role in Bud … Continue reading

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