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Luxembourg burger

Pork Lover’s Burger with Riesling Onions and Applesauce on Potato Pancake It’s been too long, literally.  I originally worked on the Luxembourg burger in spring of 2015, then life got busy and I took a break from writing.  Fast forward … Continue reading

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Ecuadorian burger recipe

Burger with Aji Sauce and Avocado on Stuffed Potato Cakes (Llapingachos) And so we begin the letter E with the beautiful county of Ecuador.  Ecuador is located on the northwestern corner of South America along the coast.  It’s bordered by … Continue reading

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Czech Republic burger recipe

Mustard infused burgers with Fried Cheese and Drunken Sauerkraut on Potato Pancake Finally, the last of the Cs!  We have arrived at the Czech Republic.  Located in Central Europe and surrounded by Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Poland.  When I was … Continue reading

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