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Kiribati burger recipe

Curried Fish Cakes with Papaya & Sweet Potato Curry Sauce The Republic of Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas) is an unusual place.  It consists of 33 islands, 32 of which are atolls (an atoll is a ring shaped coral reef) about 4,000 … Continue reading

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Kenyan burger recipe

Double Cheese Burger with Curried Sauce & Masala Fries My lovely husband commented that the last couple of blog posts haven’t shared much about the countries themselves, they’ve been primarily food focused. Since he’s a pointy-headed geography and history buff, … Continue reading

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Comorian burger recipe

Chicken Burgers on Vanilla Rolls with Spicy Curry, Bacon and Avocado So before we get started on this next entry, I have a story to share.  This week I answered the front door and received a package from our lovely … Continue reading

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Bruneian burger recipe

Sweet Chicken Curry Burger on Homemade Prata (flatbread) Brunei is one of those countries that I’ve heard of, but really had no idea where it was or anything about it except that it’s a wealthy country.  If pressed, I probably … Continue reading

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