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Djiboutian burger recipe

Berbere Seasoned Lamb Burgers with Berbere Ketchup and Spiced Butter Leeks And now, we are halfway through the Ds and on our way to Djibouti.  The spelling is challenging for me, but the pronunciation is pretty simple – basically ji … Continue reading

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Cuban burger recipe

Fritas (sliders) with Shoestring Potatoes, Spiced Ketchup and Mojo Dipping Sauce The Republic of Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean.  The Cuban Communist Party took over the country in 1959 and things haven’t been great between Cuba and … Continue reading

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Congolese burger recipe

Spicy Veggie Burger with Millet Pancake and Sautéed Greens Republic of the Congo caused me problems, lots of problems.  First – when researching Republic of Congo, you quickly realize that many sights on the Internet don’t differentiate between Republic of … Continue reading

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Belizean burger recipe

Zesty Fish Cake with Belizean Rice and Beans As I journey alphabetically around the world I realize that my knowledge of geography sucks.  Well, that’s not entirely fair, my knowledge of modern geography sucks.  The problem is that I learned … Continue reading

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Belgian burger recipe

Burger with Belgian Beer Stew and Edam Cheese And now we have arrived at Begium.  Again, I find the European’s challenging, how to differentiate the recipes and make the burger taste uniquely Belgian? Belgium is located in Northern Europe between … Continue reading

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Belarusian burger recipe

Mushroom and Sauerkraut smothered burger on Draniki (potato pancake) It’s probably my juvenile sense of humor and it definitely dates me, but I can’t hear the word Belarus without thinking of Bela Lugosi and in particular his role in Bud … Continue reading

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Bajan (Barbados) burger recipe

Bajan spiced fishcake with papaya butternut squash mash Barbados is the eastern most island in the Caribbean.  It has beautiful sandy beaches and is generally not susceptible to hurricanes (although it’s technically in the hurricane belt). Barbadians refer to themselves … Continue reading

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Bangladeshi burger recipe

Spicy Korma Burger with Yogurt Lentil Sauce Bangladesh is surrounded on three sides by India with a small area bordering Burma and the southern coast along the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.  The people of Bangladesh are ethnically … Continue reading

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Bahrainian burger recipe

Baharat spiced burger with homemade Hummus and Tabouleh Bahrain is another island country, but on the other side of the world from the Bahamas.  It’s located in the Persian Gulf near Qatar and across the Gulf of Bahrain from Saudi … Continue reading

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Bahamian burger recipe

Spicy Crabcake with Pigeon Peas and Bird Peppers The Bahamas are a group of small islands located in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida and Cuba.  The cuisine of the country is based on the abundance of fresh fish and shell … Continue reading

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