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Guatemalan burger recipe

Burger with Guacamole, Spiced Corn and Refried Black Beans We’re staying in the Americas for another burger – this time we’re going to explore Guatemala.  With this stop we’re back on the mainland in Central America.  Guatemala borders Mexico and … Continue reading

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Egyptian burger recipe

Vegetarian Falafel Burger on Homemade Pita (Eish Masri) with Garlic Mashed Beans (Ful Medames) and Yogurt Sauce I admit that I’ve been dragging my fee a bit on typing up Egypt, not because the burger caused me any problems or … Continue reading

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Congolese burger recipe

Spicy Veggie Burger with Millet Pancake and Sautéed Greens Republic of the Congo caused me problems, lots of problems.  First – when researching Republic of Congo, you quickly realize that many sights on the Internet don’t differentiate between Republic of … Continue reading

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Burundian burger recipe

Piri Piri Fish Cake with red beans, plantains and pickled carrots The Republic of Burundi is our final “B” country, so please take a moment with me and raise your glass in celebration. It’s a landlocked country in the middle … Continue reading

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Brazilian burger recipe

Feijoada Burger with Plantain Cake And now we have arrived at Brazil!  The B’s sure are keeping us busy hoping from one end of the world to the next.  Brazil is the first country for which I didn’t feel like … Continue reading

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