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Burkina Faso burger recipe

Bean Cake with Spicy Piri Piri Ketchup When I first came up with the idea of this cookbook and started talking about it with my friends, many of them said “I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do … Continue reading

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Bulgarian burger recipe

Feta stuffed burger with cucumber and tomato salsa and dill yoghurt Our next stop is Bulgaria.  Funny thing about Bulgaria, I kept picturing a dark dreary, somewhat scary place – picture vampires dwelling in large spooky castles.  I also figured … Continue reading

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Bruneian burger recipe

Sweet Chicken Curry Burger on Homemade Prata (flatbread) Brunei is one of those countries that I’ve heard of, but really had no idea where it was or anything about it except that it’s a wealthy country.  If pressed, I probably … Continue reading

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Brazilian burger recipe

Feijoada Burger with Plantain Cake And now we have arrived at Brazil!  The B’s sure are keeping us busy hoping from one end of the world to the next.  Brazil is the first country for which I didn’t feel like … Continue reading

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Botswana burger recipe

Burger with Seswaa and Watermelon Salsa Africa has been the most interesting part of this journey. Before this, I hadn’t spent a lot of time reading or thinking about Africa and I’m so glad that this project has changed that.  … Continue reading

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Bosnia and Herzegovina burger recipe

Cevapi Sliders with Roasted Red Pepper Ajvar We have arrived to the land of (one set of) my ancestors, or close to it anyway.  My great grandparents were from Yugoslavia, I have no idea where exactly, and came to the … Continue reading

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Bolivian burger recipe

Cheeseburger with Spicy Llajua Sauce Apologies for the delay of burger, this is what happens when you’re trying to go too fast and not doing research ahead of time.   So here we are at Bolivia or the Plurinational State of … Continue reading

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Bhutanese burger recipe

Hot Pepper Ema Datshi burger with Bhutanese Red Rice And, now we arrive at Bhutan.  You can blame my poor education or my lack of attention span or American indifference, but I’ve never heard of Bhutan.  In my defense, less … Continue reading

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Benin burger recipe

Burger with Spicy Peanut Sauce on Millet Cake And, here is another country that I learned of under a totally different name!  I’m beginning to really despair at the quality of my early education.  I learned of The Republic of … Continue reading

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Bangladeshi burger recipe

Spicy Korma Burger with Yogurt Lentil Sauce Bangladesh is surrounded on three sides by India with a small area bordering Burma and the southern coast along the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.  The people of Bangladesh are ethnically … Continue reading

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